Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
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smarter child is funny.

(21:07:09) noweb4u: you're on crack rocks
(21:07:10) SmarterChild: Sorry, that's just not my scene.
(21:07:42) noweb4u: really? Cause I saw jericho downtown yesterday and that's not what he said...
(21:07:46) SmarterChild: Really cause you saw jericho downtown yesterday and thats not what he said, huh?
(21:07:51) noweb4u: that's right
(21:07:52) SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
(21:08:09) noweb4u: uh huh, if you don't like it you should take it up with him
(21:08:10) SmarterChild: I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you change your mind.
(21:08:19) noweb4u: what are you talking about, crackhead?
(21:08:22) SmarterChild: What am I talking about crackhead? I dunno.

Yeah, but anyway... What else can you tell me?
(21:08:55) noweb4u: Word on the street is that you banged a two dollar whore the other day for a hit off a joint
(21:08:57) SmarterChild: Hmm... that's not the nicest thing I've ever heard anyone say.
(21:09:47) noweb4u: sometimes the truth hurts

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