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After 6-10 hours of coding, I now have a mp3 "appliance" in my car. I wrote a program that plays mp3's at random, and a command line interface that requires no screen that can be controlled entirely from the number pad (I am getting a keyboard that is just the number pad for my car) so I can jump to specific songs, I can pause, skip the current song, etc. For more specs click below
It's a K6/166 with 48MB of ram and a 5GB Fujitsu HDD. I am running Debian "woody" (basically it's the beta version of the next Debian release) with reiserfs as the root filesystem type so I can power it off in mid operation without losing data (but I can shut it down gracefully as well). It goes behind the driver's seat in a mini-tower case and is powered off a power inverter, and the output of the soundcard goes to a cassette adapter in the tape deck. Future enhancements include playing CD's, but with 700+ mp3's on the machine, I don't think I'll be using that functionality much :-) Anyone got any questions? :-) Ask away. When the code is stable I plan on releasing it under the GPL.

Only now am I starting to realize how much C I knew, and how much I forgot :-)