Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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Well, I'm back in DTW. Had a strange, but alltogether alright weekend.
Got to itszer0's place, we did the work thing earlier that day. We chased someone down all weekend to get him his new Telco butt-set and he finally got it, so I got the one that was payment for the cablemodem I sold him. w00.
We hacked a wlan in GH to hit yahoo peoplesearch, and one of my old friends in GH almost hit a car headon right in front of me. What a dumbass. :->
Then I end up sleeping at itszer0's house after attempting to find my family. At the last minute, I found my mom and had dinner with my grandparents. The easter bunny left me candy and a bit of scrilla. wooo. Then I got back, itszer0 finally finds the guy and we get the butt-set, return his broken air bed, get a TON of pop, and pick up ladymace and head home.

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