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No services outage today! heh

well I didn't write this up but we had another outage yesterday that could have been prevented with an early warning I gave, but looks like it wasn't heeded with the level of seriousness it should have been. (credit where it's due it was handled with quite a bit of seriousness, but apparently not enough). Oh well.

Enough about work. Today's only down side was that someone hit a skunk near the road on telegraph and I had to smell it on the way. :-( - Other than that it's been a great day!

Other thing of note is that I had a weird dream where you could hit a button and get either blue water or blue jello on this machine. Both "tasted blue" - no distinct flavor of anything I could identify - more like that punch you can buy at the store that looks like antifreeze in a gallon milk jug. I liked it. That was the whole dream. Anyone know if it has any significance in my life? Some people dream of falling, I dream about water that tastes blue. I wonder what it means...

Update This is what the machine looked like in my dream. unlabeled buttons to the left, it appeared to be a modular device with the top module being a nomal water module (outlet to the right), then the middle is the blue water module, and the bottom one is a blue jello module. The picture is here

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