Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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[16:00] noweb4u: question is, would everything still have been set up the same way you wanted it..
[16:00] noweb4u: changing time has serious ramifications
[16:00] xxx: hrrmm...
[16:00] xxx: true, true..
[16:00] xxx: but at the same time, a lot of these are independant variables.
[16:00] noweb4u: that's always something to remember
[16:00] noweb4u: even the most insignificant thing can change the future
[16:00] xxx: True.
[16:00] xxx: You seeing the Time Machine this weekend?
[16:01] noweb4u: maybe you get stung by a bee, instead of the guy behind you, who would have been stung if you weren't there. He's allergic to bees, and would have started going into convulsions in the street
[16:01] noweb4u: and would cause a car to swerve and hit another car
[16:01] noweb4u: killing the expectant mother on the way to the hospital
[16:01] noweb4u: that kid would have been our next president
[16:01] noweb4u: so you did your patriotic duty by being stung
[16:02] noweb4u: I might, I don't know
[16:03] noweb4u: it might clash with my views on time travel...
[16:03] noweb4u: :-(

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