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[06:24] rabid_tiger: route add netmask -blackhole
[06:24] rabid_tiger: haha
[06:25] zer0logikz: uhm?
[06:25] zer0logikz: our router isint .1
[06:26] zer0logikz: its 158
[06:26] rabid_tiger: I know
[06:26] rabid_tiger: :->
[06:26] rabid_tiger: all the better
[06:26] zer0logikz: hrm k
[06:26] rabid_tiger: with blackhole routes it doesn't matter anyway
[06:26] zer0logikz: ah
[06:27] rabid_tiger: it's instructed to throw out the packets
[06:27] zer0logikz: what was the IP of the person who was fucking us?
[06:29] rabid_tiger: can't remember, it's an apnic ip
[06:29] rabid_tiger: it's in the logs
[06:29] zer0logikz: ah
[06:29] rabid_tiger: they were being blocked by /etc/mail/DeniedIP anyway
[06:29] zer0logikz: wait!
[06:29] zer0logikz: he is a terrorist!
[06:29] rabid_tiger: but they were pounding sendmail port
[06:29] zer0logikz: lets execute them
[06:29] rabid_tiger: haha
[06:29] zer0logikz: for being sendmail terrorists
[06:29] rabid_tiger: haha
[06:30] rabid_tiger: we'll send them to prison and name their cellmate "Sendmail" and let sendmail pound their ports
[06:30] zer0logikz: ;]