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*pout* mainframe... will likely be down until next weekend. If a certain song is important, I can retrieve it from my backup server, but until then, I'm sorta stuck.

If anyone knows why a compaq proliant might just turn on, not spin up the drives, and just blink the keyboard lights, please divulge said information. Right now, the ideas are:
1) something really fucked my machine when I installed the 2 ide drives (unlikely)
2) the PCI/EISA backplane is disengaged from the motherboard (not likely, but possible, since the Proliant series is modular)
3) the powersupply is either partially engaged in it's hotswap bay (unlikely) or malfunctioning (probable)
4) There is a HUGE piece of very conductive dirt in there (my allergies are going insane, this is probably the case, if not, it's combined with something else)
5) The motherboard is disengaged from the hotswap backplane (this could cause this, and might be the case, when I think about it)

Anyway, to test any of these scenarios I need to get the case open. Unfortunately it is on the bottom of a pile of machines 19 U high, and is 5U all by itself. When itszer0 comes next week sometime, it'll be cool, cause he'll help me move the other stuff. But until he arrives, it's a 5U, expensive hunk of metal.

So now, I sit in silence. I hope that this is not something systemic with the Proliant series, since my secondary DNS server (mainframe was primary) and primary DHCP server (yea, I have a loadbalanced, hot standby DHCP server using ISC DHCPd 3.0) is a proliant as well, and if that goes out, no DNS.

Denis or Ben, tell me where everyone's going tonight and I'll be there for sure. :-)

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