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Today was a long day. I have stayed up almost 24 hours straight, with only 2 hours of sleep before that, and before that, another 2 hours sleep.
I started to rebuild, (this is where all my mp3s, webcam, and various other stuffs hide). I am having some hardware issues that will probably become quite apparent when I am more lucid.
MS, a coworker, managed to convince me to accompany him to the computer store while he chose parts to build a new machine for himself. I was basically there for moral support, and to pick up a UDMA 100 cable for mainframe. Afterwards he showed me his place, and despite that I don't watch TV, I very much covet his. ;-)
Anyway I lay here in bed right now on my mac that i haven't used in about a month. It seems strangely familiar, and quite refreshing. If this all comes out sounding weird, that's ok, I'm trying my best to be coherent. Basically in a strange way I missed using my mac from bed.

Anyway, I'm about to retire to bed, hoping that all the minor issues I had today with various things (especially the mainframe hardware issue) work themselves out, and I get up refreshed and able to deal with the problems with technology I have encountered today. Hopefully JJ is able to fix the problems with DNS at work people are apparently complaining about, I really don't want to have to get up to fix it. :-(

Here's hoping that everything works out tomorrow and it is a good day. Becky's making her mexican breakfast tomorrow, so that is a reason to get out of bed tomorrow :-)
Good night everyone!

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