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ladymace recieved the bear from beartour.
I recieved my Nokia 5165, it's in the process of being activated.
I installed the new netstumbler on my laptop. It 0wns me. VERY elite. :-) (my favorite features are the lock icon on the status dot for wep, and the way it now names files automatically, and has an auto-save feature. Also has native support for the sony card, so becky can stumble if she wants to)
My dresser was recieved yesterday. Looks very nice. Will be filling with clothes tonight.
itszer0 send me your space requirements PLEASE. I'm dead serious. A 4 foot desk plus room to put a rollaway bed when it's folded is fine, a 7 foot desk might be a tad too large.
My car insurance just went up almost $100 a month. I'm not very happy about that.
My chair finally fell apart entirely, putting me on the floor. Thanks to ladymace for letting me borrow your lawn chair :-)
If my UPS wasn't large and heavy, I'd drop kick it off the 3rd floor balcony.

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