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Summary of my To-Do list, Interesting Recurring Dream I have...

Savings Account
Canceled bed order, purchased dresser (being delivered tomorrow)
Purchased 5165 on ebay to do 2 way text messaging with (in the mail)
Re-activated becky's phone, got case so she won't lose it
Asked about current colocation status for my server (not so good)

Still to do:
Activate my new phone when it arrives
Get clothes washed (ladymace doing that tonight)
Schedule Dentist Appointment for nighttime teeth grinding
Purchase a floor jack and jack stands, find exhaust leak on taurus and fix it, along with again replacing brake pads and drivers side rotor (doing it right this time)

My dream:

This has occured twice so far. Both times I identified the surrounding area as Muskegon, MI. I can clearly identify one of the spots in the second dream (it's at the bend in BR 31 near meijer and K-mart, going south/east bound.)

I'm driving along in my car, becky as a passenger. In the first dream, it's snowy and slippery, in the second dream it was dry out and not slippery at all.
I'm going about 35 in the first dream, and about 55 in the second.
About 20 feet before it, I see a Shiny silver brand new chrystler (dunno which model) convertable, top down, parked at a 90 degree angle to the road, blocking both lanes (with noone in it). In the first dream, I'm able to slow down to about 15-25 before hitting it, basically totalling the side of the sitting car, and doing absolutely nothing to my car. It's slippery, and the police find that the other driver was not only neglegent, but did this intentionally, and my lawyers recover a modest sum from the other guy, and I get a new car with the money.

In the second dream, (still in my current car) I'm going about 55 (the speed limit at that part) and the car is there again, this time the pavement was coated with a thick coating of motor oil. Not like an accidental drip or anything, it was definitely intentional. The person cut out all the streetlights in the area, and being a darkish color, and where it was in the bend, you don't see it until the last 30 feet, all of which are covered in oil. I hit it at probably 45 this time. I scream to becky that we're about to hit it and to relax her muscles and don't tense up. I prepare myself for the airbag to deploy (swerving is impossible because of the oil) and smack into the car at about 45. This time I completely total both cars. I call 911 on my cell phone, and almost immediately after I said the placement appeared intentional to the operator, her tone of voice changed and the police showed up almost immediately, themselves only avoiding the car because my car pushed it about 10 feet further than where it was. As soon as the cops got out, they say this was definitely not my fault. I mention the prior accident, and they look it up on the MDT. The VIN matches on this car with the previous one. This time I again get a new car with a not-so-modest lawsuit against the person for various things. Everyone was alright, but I wonder what the hell these dreams mean. :-)

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