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Misc crap about today

Interesting day.
Got some stuff done. I decided to open a savings account, going to do that tomorrow (bank holiday today) and place $250 in it. That's the start of my savings again, haven't had savings for about 2 years now, and I'm tired of the uncertainty that no savings brings.

Got ladymace registered with mobile AIM on her phone. She uses for her PCS, they resell and rebrand AT&T (yea, TDMA PCS sucks my balls, but it's the cheapest, best digital prepaid deal I could find around) PCS, but give longer expirations and free 2 way text messaging. AT&T claims on their site that she can't register for mobile AIM, but I found a way around that and got it done anyway. Works fine :-)

Got a pZone again from Pizza Hut (and drank mountain dew as well nickfarr.. ;-) ) they are the shit.

Decided to forgo a bed for a while, I'm doing fine without one, and I'd rather have the money in savings. I used my deposit to buy the dresser I wanted so I have somewhere to put my clean clothes. w00t.

Got a Nokia 5165 on eBay. Sniped the bid in the last 15 seconds. The other two people bidding must have been pissed :-) I'm going to get eCallPlus service on the phone, for the free 2 way SMS (and Mobile AIM), and maybe see if the reception is better than my work phone. If it is I'm asking for a 5165 instead of this 8260 that barely ever gets useable signal :-)

Anyway, the day's not over yet, but it shows signs of being interesting. I might watch another DVD today, the 2.1 channel speakers I got for the front channels of my SB live 5.1 kick total ass. :-)

I'm such a consumer today. :-/

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