Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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For my quotes file...

[09:29] Paul @ Work Laptop: hehe
[09:29] Paul @ Work Laptop: why won't you be pimpin with you dad? What do you do there?
[09:29] ZeR0LogiKz: nothing
[09:29] ZeR0LogiKz: heh
[09:29] ZeR0LogiKz: sit and chill
[09:29] Paul @ Work Laptop: cool
[09:29] ZeR0LogiKz: get away from my other computers
[09:30] Paul @ Work Laptop: hahah
[09:30] ZeR0LogiKz: its nice, cept no 24" monitor reallllly sucks
[09:30] ZeR0LogiKz: everything is sooo boring on anything smaller
[09:30] ZeR0LogiKz: i dunno
[09:30] ZeR0LogiKz: the fact that my monitor could seriously injure me kinda makes it exciting i guess

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