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I was reading the lyrics to some nugent today, and I was inspired. All my geek friends and I must go on a camping trip. Ya know, build fires, hide in tents in the woods, go somewhere where the conveniences of modern civilization and our day jobs can't reach us.
We'll be left with gas generators (maybe), GPS, HAM radio (for emergencies, maybe see who we can contact as well), I'm no hunter, so we'll have to bring food (I can't stand fish, or i'd fish), but that and some shelter, and we'll be all set to have a cool ass 4 or 5 days in the woods. It'll be good for our souls, and stress levels. Who's with me?

I'm talking fires, defensive weapons (in case of wild animals attacking the campsite), coolers of food, boy scout style shit. Anyone who discusses a campground is gonna get their ass kicked. :-P

Update: More clarification is inside. Anyone who feels like joining me is welcome, even if we're not friends yet, we will be when we're finished here.

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