Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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*A - Age: 21
*B - Best Quality: My 31337 computer skillz ;-)
*C - Choice of Meat: Steak
*D - Dream Date: me and ladymace, anywhere.
*E - Exciting Adventure: Everyday is an adventure for me somehow...
*F - Favorite Food: Mexican
*G - Greatest Accomplishment: I always try to make a new greatest accomplishment every day, so I'm not sure what my best is.
*H - Happiest Day of your life: I've had plenty, I don't know which was the happiest for me
*I - Interests: Computers, Electronics, Telephones, wardriving
*K - Kool-Aid: Any, Lemonade and Pink Lemonade especially
*L - Love: Bring it on!
*M - Most Valued thing you own: I'll assume this is "own" and not "0wn", since I won't talk about that in public. I'd say my "tower of power"
*N - Name: Paul
*O - Outfit you love: Random T-Shirt, Camo pants, a nice set of tight fitting but soft boots (ones I can run in and keep my feet dry)
*P - Pizza toppings: All of them except for the nasty fishes. I hate seafood.
*Q - Question Asked to you the most: "You're not going to install a virus on it, are you?" (this is a 3 way tie with "Can you change my grades?" and "Can you make it so company xxx thinks I paid my bill?")
*S - Sport: Sports are gay.
*T - Television Show: I don't watch TV
*U - Ur favorite song: Anything by Linkin Park
*W - Winter: Fuck Snow.
*Y - Year born: 1981
*Z - Zodiac Sign: I consider myself to be without one. I know I have one, I just don't believe in that stuff, so I choose to disown it.

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