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Had a great weekend. Planning on going back to visit my parents again next weekend, ended up spending the whole weekend with itszer0.
So, my weekend started with a blowout on my rear passenger side tire, where else did this occur? Guesses anyone? Yea, of course it happened in lansing. (For those who don't know, I had a water pump go out in lansing on my pickup, my Mazda 323 blew a head gasket there (in fact, it's still in lansing a year later.. Exit 98 on I-96), and my transmission went out in my Taurus in lansing, and now I had a tire blowout in lansing.)
I think I'm going to have to find a way to teleport over lansing so I don't have these problems anymore...

This delays my work stuff until saturday. I go netstumbling with itszer0 and we're out until 8am. I end up sleeping there, and take him with me to help work on the customer network at 4pm. When we're done, we go to Pizza Hut. While we're there, the power goes out on the whole block. My weekend is already so interesting this seems mundane, and I just whip out my keychain maglight, switch it into candle mode, and continue eating. Alas, just as I was about to leave (perhaps without paying, since the POS equipment UPS's died about 15 minutes prior to leaving (yea, we waited for them to die intentionally) and they had a PBX system, so without power their phones didn't work for manual verification, we figured they'd just let us go) the power came back on. No free food for us. I highly recommend the meat lovers PZone. They're good.

So after that, we go netstumbling Holland (hey, Zer0, where's those logs?) and I end up going the wrong way on a one way street smack dab in the middle of the shopping district. I was wondering why everyone was looking at me funny.. After that, I curb it in front of a cop, fortunately he wasn't looking/didn't care. We then go back to Zer0's house to get his car ahd he drove the rest of the night. We managed to gain entry to about 20 networks friday and saturday night, which ones I will not specify here in a public forum. Ask me on IRC or something if you're curious.

So now it's sunday, we again get back at 8am after picking up access points over a mile across a lake with my pringles can antenna, and other stuff, and go to bed at 8am, waking around 5pm.

I go pickup ladymace from her mom's, and then we go home.

On the way to work today, I get pulled over for defective equipment (yea, headlight yet again) and get a fix-it ticket. Ahh well. I'll just grab another bulb and get police signoff and go on with my life. The interesting part is, At one point there was no less than 3 police cars that were there when I was pulled over. I'll bet passersby must have thought I was a drug dealer or something. Oh well. nickfarr was right, I'm suspicious as hell. :-P

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

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