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I wasn't hurt that many people didn't get very high scores - I made the test kinda hard on purpose :-)

Question: What do I wear at work?
Correct answer: Dress clothes and a baseball cap (I gave partial credit for just dress clothes)

Question: What does noweb4u do at work?
Correct answer: Operations Engineer (I gave partial credit for Network Operations, but my official title is what I was looking for :-) )

Question: How many computers are currently *operating* in noweb4u's apartment, not counting the dreamcast?
Correct answer: 8

Question: How does noweb4u connect to the internet (at home)?
Correct answer: Dual channel ISDN (I gave partial credit for 56k modem, I occasionally use it when my ISDN doesn't want to cooperate)

Question: noweb4u has a computer installed in his car?
Correct answer: True (It's a K6-2 166 Minitower running Debian Linux, See

Question: noweb4u won't go anywhere without?
Correct answer: A hat (I gave partial credit for my "Magic bag of Power")

Question: Where did noweb4u grow up?
Correct answer: Spring Lake/Ferrrysburg, MI (I gave partial credit for Grand Haven, MI, and Vista, CA (I spent 3 months in Vista, CA when I was a child)

Question: In college, noweb4u majored in
Correct answer: Never went to college

Question: What is noweb4u's real hair color?
Correct answer: Brown (I didn't give partial credit for "noweb4u has hair?!?!", sorry Nick :-( )

Question: Given the choice, noweb4u would pick
Correct answer: A DS-3 to his place of living to the backbone, forever (Of course, if I had this, I could resell bandwidth (and colocation) and pay for any of the others.. ;-) )

Bragging Rights
Here are the names of the ten highest scores:

Score: Name:
100 - adam (not on lj)
97 - Thommy B
83 - JJ (not on lj)
81 - LadyMace
63 - madeleine
59 - sitnalta (not on lj)
59 - Madpup
53 - nickfarr
53 - Denis A. Baldwin
48 - shannonpagels

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