Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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[02:45] noweb4u: ok, so the only modem I ever got to connect with the detroit office PRI was a 28.8
[02:45] noweb4u: not only that, this is what it says:
[02:45] noweb4u: CONNECT 57600

[02:45] noweb4u: what the fuck
[02:45] xxxxxx: ;/
[02:45] noweb4u: hehe
[02:45] noweb4u: it's a 28.8 PnP Supra modem from 1996
[02:46] noweb4u: my brand new USR v92 56k hardware modem doesn't handshake with it
[02:46] noweb4u: the handshake DIES
[02:46] noweb4u: it won't handshake with anything but my suck ass supramodem
[02:46] noweb4u: ugh
[02:46] noweb4u: *shoots self in head*

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