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This weekend... A quick wrapup.

Slept for 14 hours straight, enjoyed that alot.

Talked to thombyxbe a decent amount. Still gotta get out there before my bread goes bad, plus I've been meaning to see him. Maybe I'll go Tuesday and show off the accesspoint I'll have by then. :-)

Drove around ladymace and shannonpagels - let them have their own time to screw around, they convinced me to join them for bowling, had a pretty good time that evening, despite dealing with mild food poisoning because becky and I were under the (obviously mistaken) impression that her enchilada casserole would keep in the freezer for almost a month. What the hell were we thinking?

Slept more.

Got up and went to meet tommydiablo, and help him flash his bios. We flashed it without incident, and it didn't seem to fix his biggest annoyance, but the computer seems stable enough, so we left well enough alone and me, becky, him, and leslie ended up hanging out for 3-4 hours, had quite a good time. :-)

On my way there, I washed my car for the first time in 6 months. It's probably all in my head, but I think it goes faster now with the decrease in drag from all the dirt :-)

Went home (thanks to delorme street atlas and my GPS for making this an uneventful trip) and had some wendys on the way. Dave Thomas was such a cool guy. Anyway, when I went their drivethrough headset had dead batteries, and I couldn't raise them, so I had to go indoors. I ended up being waited on by the manager, and I mentioned that I couldn't get through on the drivethrough, and she had the drivethrough lady check their headset, and the batteries were dead. I probably could have weaseled some free fries or something out of them for the inconvenience, but I was really groggy because I missed a meal, and the poor manager lady looked really frazzeled so I thought I'd give them a break and leave it at that. Food was strangely delicious. I think I may go again soon.

Slept for 5 hours, got up, checked my email at work and the messages on trillian that have been piling up over the last 24 hours, ignored most of them (sorry :-) ) and wrote this post, then getting showered and hitting the road for work.

I really enjoyed this weekend.

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