Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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Access point for me...

I have decided this is the wireless access point I plan on getting.
Lets hope I can secure my lan better than most of the people I have seen in the last few days. Wait, what am I saying... It should be really easy. :-)
Despite not saying it in this description, it supports 128 bit wep. Not like it matters since wep is broken, but hey, I guess something to keep the honest honest, right? Door locks work, despite the fact that they have known flaws (lock picking), but it keeps the honest honest, and that's all I need. Noone will want access to my ISDN anyway (ok, so nate might, but anyone else...).
1,800 feet is pretty cool ass. It means I can be a geek outdoors this summer as well. maybe compute in the woods or something, I dunno. If anything I need a fucking tan. I am too damn pasty white. This card could be a very good thing :-)

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