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PRI Question

Ok, this might be a long shot here, but I'll throw out this question:
I have a PRI line. I know the physical line parameters, and it appears that I am interfacing properly at the line encoding level, as red alarm clears on my CPE.
However, until 9am, this is all I know about the line. I have the ability to sniff the D channel on the PRI interface, and when I dial out on one of the b channels, I am sending signalling information, and recieving no reply.
The local switch is a DMS-100 class switch. I have tried setting my equipment for NI-2 and DMS switchtypes, and various other things, to no avail.

So my question is, is it possible to have line encodings, framing, whatever working, and not have an active D channel? I have this strange feeling the line isn't fully provisioned yet. Are my theories correct?
Does anyone have any sites that explain how PRI works without assuming that you want to know everything down to the voltage levels of each signalling transition?
Arrgh. This line is really pissing me off.

looking at the status of the d channel shows:
tei state[0]: 5 (TEI_ASSIGNED)
tei state[1]: 1 (TEI_OFF)
TX Bytes: 24 RX Bytes: 0 TX Frames: 8 RX Frames: 0
tons of error counters, all 0.

Now, last I knew, (realize I have only worked with BRI in the past), TEIs were assigned to the bearer channels, not the signalling channel. Like I said, anything that explains stuff like this would be greatly appreciated. :-)

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