Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

Compact flash as a hard drive - it works acceptably, i plan on going back to the real hard disk though. The write speed is killer, causes lags sometimes. The reads are just peachy though.

With the help of friends, we swapped out my oil sensor, and on top of that i changed the oil in my van and finally replaced the old ass air filter. it's a completely new van, I swear. It doesn't light up the oil light when you're driving with a warm engine and slow down to an idle either.

Not a good sign when you pull the electrical connector off the oil sensor, and oil comes running out of the connector socket. That's not supposed to be there!?!?!?! Glad we got it fixed!

In related news, I want one of these:

I need to do something about my wisdom teeth. It's about that time.

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