Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

it's been kinda kickass around lately

* 1+1=3 = Successfully in progress

* At work, we're going gangbusters. It's really a blessing to work somewhere where I know there's a job waiting for me in the morning every day. I wish I could hire all of you. :) (well, maybe not ALL of you, heh)

* My APRS IGate is running strong. I just got a bunch of copper pipe to make a jpole for the dedicated igate hardware so I can return my expensive ham radio to normal use rather than a really, really nice 2 meter radio. :)

* My car sucks but still works just fine. My TM-D700A is working great with the new power supply for the GPS that Dan M sent me last year and I finally hacked in the last month.

* I finally got the tiles i tore off the ceiling in the basement the day we moved in cleaned up. That was harder work than it looked, and required a respirator due to all the dust. It only took 2.5 years. Go me! Yay!

* I finally got the Tripplite RMA back. Thanks to Becky for finally shipping the goddamn thing out for me, after 6 months of me procrastinating. Thanks also to Tripplite for being pretty chill about the fact I RMAed a product, and took 6 months to ship the damn thing.

* It's been a great run recently. I'm hoping desperately it continues.

Summer's coming up guys - we should have a cookout or some shit. Am I right?

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