Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

since my last public post:

+bought a ups that doesn't suck
-it ate itself in less than 24 hours
-i haven't had a chance to rma it yet
+hung out with friends
+work's been sorta crazy like that's anything new
+we have been eating lots of delicious grilled animal flesh
+i'm finally almost in sync with all my bills again, it was kinda screwed up for a while because of the furnace being replaced and the mortgage servicers getting things unfucked. it's good not to have the fucking robocallers doing their ridiculous prerecorded "we have an important message for .... pault immins ... if this is you please press 1" bla bla bla.

and since I haven't posted since, RIP Dan, you'd be really geeked by what I'm doing right now, moreso than last year and the year before. You're missed.

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