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To reminice about advances in computer technology...

Ahh yes, back in the day when computers were computers. Today I bring you back to the era of the MITS Altair 680.
The main selling factor of this computer?
"Our PROM monitor eliminates the necessity for toggling front panel switches to load bootstraps or manipulate memory contents."
So basically, you didn't have to flip 20 switches in a seemingly random pattern to get the machine to operate.
I scanned this magazine ad about 4 years ago when I was still in high school. It's from a electronics hobbyist magazine from the late '70's.

I had to hardcode this in an HTML document rather than link to it to prevent IE6 from resizing the graphic.
I really wish my computer had tons of led's and toggle switches on it, it would fucking rock.
Anyone care to share any memories with vintage computers? I have my C64 sitting here next to me, I really should put effort into restoring it and getting it to be operational. (it just really needs to be cleaned and hooked up)
Anyway, hope everyone has had a great evening so far. My day's just beginning :-)

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