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Well, for better or for worse, I did it. I ordered my backup "the only line that works during a power outage" line switched to MCI's local service. It's supposed to be way cheaper than Ameritech (and if the prices on their site during the signup process were correct, I should be saving almost $40 a month on this phone line alone - Thanks Michigan, for having some of the highest local telephone rates in the nation!).
The only caveat to all of this is that I have heard really bad things about MCI local service and Ameritech ending up totally clusterfucking phone lines left and right. The difference between me and the people who I have heard complaining before is that they switched their main voice line, and thus couldn't use their line as a bargaining tool in the process of trying to get this fixed right. (Neither Ameritech or MCI could decide who actually owned a line. Thus they both billed the customer for the same service.) and for me this is a backup line for 1) If my ISDN goes down I can dial out, 2) If the power goes out, I can't use my ISDN line, so I need a line that will work in a power outage for emergencies.
Anyway, if they screw this up too badly, I can threaten to disconnect the line, (read: cut the rope that MCI and Ameritech are playing tug of war with, make them both fall down and lose) and actually do it if they don't get their shit straight.
Anyway, I'll be reporting my experiences to several places, one of them probably here, so if anyone's interested in this, just keep an eye on my lj for updates.

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