Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

This weekend is deliberately laid back. I spent it playing with data, unfucking zorak's waaaaay outdated asterisk install, watching movies, and enjoying life. I mowed my lawn but that's because I wanted to do it this week with a mower rather than next week with a machete. Other than that, I haven't really left my comfy leather chair.

Old landlord pretty much tripped when he saw the place. Not in a good way. Hope he realizes most of the "major cleaning" that place will need falls under the category of "mold abatement". I was surprised how much of it there was after I was done. It's no wonder my respiratory health had been on the decline in the last year or two. And we'd been fighting what we saw with bleach rags, etc.

The stuff under furniture we couldn't see, etc was pretty astonishing.

Tire was replaced, car does not shake anymore. I was told my tie rods are loose and they need to be replaced before my alignment can be done (and it IS necessary). I was handed a quote for almost $500 counting labor on Shit That Needs Doing. It looks like I can maybe do the tie rods myself. Maybe next weekend.

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