Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

Since Paul and Becky are celebrating their anniversary, I was charged with making the post to livejournal regarding the weekend adventure. I'm their pikachu, and went along with their trip.

Paul came back home on Friday morning with a weird car. It was like the van, but smaller and shiny. He said they rented it for better gas mileage. Whatever that means. So we hit the road:

Pikachu driving

We arrived in Traverse City. There was a:


Hot Tub
Hot Tub

And my favorite, a gigantic bed. Perfect for jumping on. Paul and Becky giggled when I brought this up, and looked at each other funny, and said something about "doing that later", whatever that means. I enjoyed it...

Pikachu jumping on the bed

We woke up on saturday, had a delicious breakfast, and then went off to play glow mini putt putt golf.

Glow mini putt putt

Then they went out for dinner by themselves. They came back, and told me we should play hide and go seek. We played a few times. The last time, they kept having me count to 1000 repeatedly. They took forever to hide, and made a lot of noise doing it. I finally found them hiding under the sheets. Those two are weird.

Pikachu counting for hide and go seek

We got up in the morning and had a delicious breakfast. Paul had an omelet he called "Control A, Enter". Whatever that means:

Control a enter

Then we drove back home, and I greeted lots of cars. A few looked at me in surprise. One of them waved. I guess everyone likes a pikachu!

Pikachu greeting other cars

Finally we got home, and I went to bed. What a great weekend adventure!

Pikachu, home and tired out


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