Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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Status update

House: Yay

Old place: only a day or two more work needs to be done on it. Hopefully we can have it ready by the first. Otherwise I need to talk a couple more days out of my landlord to make it *right*.

Work: Yay. Things are rapidly approaching the point I've wanted to make them be at. Getting this network architected for maximal awesomeness is going forward with full steam and meeting very few issues along the way.

Family: Grandma is in town. hey mom since I know you read this and it's easier to post here than find you because of how busy you are, hey, can we crash at your place this weekend? space is *tight* at dads. Of course we'd visit with you as well as time permits. comment back or do 866-591-0311 option 9 to call me on my dime for details)

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