Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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My 911 file pushes work. The scripts are ugly. Stupid demand dialup to ftp servers setup.

We're closer to getting out of the old place. I changed our address with the bank today.

Deposits large enough to fund a rewiring of the house. Enough to pay off my appliance purchases. They were made today and I am excited.

The house is filled with clothes in various stages of washing. Well, not filled, because this place is SO much bigger. But there's lots. Hopefully we'll get all the old house cleaned out of clothes in the next day or two, and the arrangements made to have the movers come maybe on Thursday or Friday.

We planted two lavender flowers on the side of the house last night.

I met a neighbor or two in the last few days.

Mom sent a housewarming gift. That makes me smile. Thanks mom!

I still hurt everywhere. I hate moving. Thankfully I have planned to never move again.

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