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Best. Weekend. Evar.

Since Friday Morning, I/We:

* Bought a house
* Went to a Detroit Tigers game on the company dime
* Installed a T1 at a customer site
* Moved our bed, both TVs, the entertainment center, the couch, my leather chair (which hasn't been anything but a landing zone for random crap in our bedroom since 2002!), our dresser, a few computers, our showerhead, microwave, bathroom comforts/accessories, our grill, our patio set.
* Got a new fridge (energy star ftw!) and gas oven.
* Blew up a watermelon in our backyard with a dry ice bomb
* Picked watermelon entrails off my house, garage, and car, with a big ass grin on my face
* Introduced ourselves to the neighbors by having 5-10 friends cleaning assault rifles in our backyard
* Tore down half the stupid acoustic tiles in our basement. If I remember, I'll bag them up for trash collection tomorrow. They're in the way of my grand plan to pull data cable and coax throughout the house.

Utilities transferred:
* Power
* Water/sewer (de-facto, bill sent to "resident")
* Gas
* Cable (Cablemodem temporarily added as well)
* T1 (Jeopardy to 7/9/07)
* POTS (FOC 6/29/07, completed)

Additional Crap ordered:
* DVD Organizer (Target - Ships 2 Jul)
* End table for corner in Living Room (Target - Ships 2 Jul)
* New Kitchen Table (Target - Ships 5 Jul)

Need to order:
* Washer
* Dryer
* Quote from electrician to replace service entrance/meter box/fuse panel, investigate failed circuit in living room

Need to do:
* Remove rest of acoustic tile in basement
* Prepare floor in basement corner so rack can be bolted to it
* Rekey garage side door
* Get replacement remote for garage door opener
* Get spool of cat 5e for cable runs,RJ-48 jacks, fish tape, wall plates
* Rewire utility room to add permanent light (trivial), add proper outlet to washer and dryer area rather than half assed nonsense currently installed. Will require approximately 20 feet of 12-2 + ground
* Move out of current house, scrub floor to ceiling, shampoo carpets (DD 07-15-2007)

Props for material assistance in furtherance of above:
* jon787
* niteshad
* ladymace
* fuzzyjelly
* stormgren (preemptive, to earn please comment with contact info for your electrician)
* Anyone who doesn't have an LJ name, or who I've forgotten about.

Media links:
* (photos from "Strippers and Dirty Magazines"
(SFW: Strippers are a type of bullet holder, and Dirty Magazines are reservoirs for ammunition in multiple round capable firearms that need cleaning))
* (Dry Ice bomb + Watermelon - Video)

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