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So I watched Sicko (I don't usually acquire movies without paying for them but I plan on getting it on DVD. It comes out the day I close on my house so there's absolutely NO WAY I will end up seeing it in theaters because I'll be busy moving and my money will be focused elsewhere too)

It just sorta angered me. It's stunning that all these other nations are doing better than us in universal health care. It's infuriating. I've heard plenty of right wing nonsense where they talk about how bad they have it in other countries. Well, guess what, in other countries if you *need* private doctors, you can pay for them. If you can't pay, or don't mind getting the same treatment as everyone else, go to the normal doctors. Anything is better than this shithole where becky gets diagnosed with diabetes shortly after she gets on my insurance, and now they're starting to try to catch her in a preexisting condition clause. And where we get all sorts of bills from all sorts of companies, and I never know what I'm supposed to pay, and by when. Half of it shows up as "past due" the minute I get it, because the procedure was 2 months ago and insurance just paid out, etc. It's all bullshit and what we have isn't working.

And so of course, after watching that, I ended up going to the hospital for some long overdue x-rays on my foot. It's not broken, just sprained. I may have to see a podiatrist. But it's not broken. Yay! I'm sure I'm gonna get a $500 bill because an ER doctors assistant told me to take over the counter painkillers and rest my feet as much as I can, and if it doesn't go away, see another doctor. Fucking broken.

Also, for those who haven't seen it (NSFW, if your work is cranky about videos depicting drug use and guitar playing involving puppets) Kermit does a cover of "hurt".


We close on the house June 29 in the morning.


Jun. 18th, 2007 06:51 pm (UTC)
Message from Mom
I find it so interesting to read the comments from everyone.Let me share a few things with you that might not have been known or considered.
My fiance is British and has lived in the United Kingdom for 35 years.Although he he is not 100% happy with his medical coverage he has had no personal negative experience with it nor has any of his family members.He feels the greatest draw back comes from issues that involve elective surgery(meaning non-life threatening)because they can often wait up to 3 months unless the condition worsens.
When his 5 year old niece needed her tonsils removed they waited 6 weeks for surgery while she was treated with antibiotics.They were removed and the cost was zero dollars.
My fiance's father was having chest pains when he walked. He saw the doctor in the emergency room, got tests done,immediate treatment and follow up by a cardiologist,angioplasty and follow up visits with his doctor,5 pound charge per month for medication(10$ USA).Out of pocket cost zero.They do not have any private medical coverage.
My friend Geoff(from the UK and living in another city considered less economically privileged from where my fiance lives)had his Mother brought to the hospital after he found her on the floor in her home.She was in the hospital for a week while they did many tests to figure out why she had fallen.They found she was having mini-strokes that could be controlled by medication.She was moved to another wing in the hospital for 4 days while they set her up with in-home healthcare nurses and assistants that would allow her to move back home.She had nurses coming everyday to check on her (not once or twice a week like my ex father-in-law did here in the USA)she has a social worker who comes once a week to make sure her needs are being met such as house cleaning,laundry and food.It has been a year she has lived at home. She still has a nurse visit twice a week and the social worker still visits once a week.If this had been the USA she would be in a nursing home at a HUGE cost to the rest of US as she has no money but her pension and retirement income.Her out-of-pocket-cost?Zero dollars.
My ex in-laws paid me to stay with my ex father-in-law everyday for 6 weeks because a in-home healthcare nurse could only come twice week and private nurses were $10 dollars an hour.I offered to stay with him for free but gratefully accepted a check for $300.00 for those 6 weeks.He would have required nursing home care if I couldn't arrange to do it at a cost of $1,400.00 a month.
My fiance will be moving here next year after our marriage. He will need a physical before he leaves to get a marriage visa, he will need another physical when he arrives,and it will cost me nearly $500.00 a month to insure us both (I make 14,000.00 a year).We have to purchase a seperate insurance rider for the 90 days they will not cover him (my insurance won't cover him right away because he won't have a green card)because if he becomes ill or injured in those 90 days and is considered a "financial burden to the country" he could face being deported.This actually happened to a friend of mine living in Michigan who was from Australia who developed congestive heart disease during those 90 days.He had to fight to remain here and pay out-of-pocket cost to the hospital and an attorney.
I currently do not have insurance because I can't afford the cost to get it.If it were not for the $5 dollar cost per perscription of my medication from Walmart I wouldn't be buying my medications every month.
I personally know the difference between being well insured (at a cost of 600.00 a month under my husband) and being uninsured living alone.I wait until I am too sick to move before I seek medical attention because I can't afford to do it any other way.I am hoping my luck doesn't run out before next year when hopefully we will have a two person income that might allow me to be insured again.
There is no "perfect" system but I'd much rather have the system that doesn't make me fear losing my home when I can't pay the medical bills.In the next year,if I develop cancer or a cronic disease I risk losing everything I own at age 47.So,its pay my bills now and take the risk or buy insurance and not pay my bills.
Its just another viewpoint to consider.

Jun. 18th, 2007 10:06 pm (UTC)
Re: Message from Mom
Say you experience some massive event that takes out your house that your home owner's insurance won't cover. Your husband who is the only income commits suicide, and the life insurance doesn't pay out for whatever reason. You have limited job skills, no where near enough to match the lifestyle you had before he died. Should the government be expected to bail you out of that as well?

Jun. 18th, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Message from Mom
Say you have a strawman argument that is completely disconnected from the original issue. Let's detach it straight from reality, into the realm of Lemony Snicket's "A series of unfortunate events" books. Should the government do this or that, where this or that has little to nothing to do with the original topic?
Jun. 18th, 2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Message from Mom
Also, you're detailing the failings of our insurance based society in great detail. This sort of event is the type nobody expects to happen. It's the reason they pay for insurance to begin with. So you detail a scenario where two insurances fail, in a manner that you implicitly consider plausible.

And then claim our system isn't broken?

I refuse to live in your dystopian society.