Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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It's been a great 3 day run

+ new minion
+ other thing at work I'll talk about later
+ yearly review coming up at work
+ just saw a house today that I want to put in an offer on. It's *perfect* in every way.
+ the buyer's agent that I thought was really a douche came through for me on the above. yay!

- car needs gas, it's out
- had a two hour long power outage today
- saw a house prior to the one I loved that still has my allergies going. It was a foreclosure but wasn't listed as such or I wouldn't have bothered. All the lightbulbs were taken, everything was a mess, and someone punched a hole in a bedroom wall. Paint was missing as was wallpaper pretty much everywhere. It would have cost at least $15k to get it all where I wanted it. Pity, because the floorplan and outside was great. Busy trying to build a statewide telecommunications network, no thanks.
Tags: goals, house, work

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