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At least 3 people on the intarblags have dropped my name today. I think that is a sign that I should be saying something (maybe?).

+ I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend
- I am not looking forward to going to flint tomorrow. But that means the end of a huge time consuming launch for a customer.
- Fuck Cisco* IP phones in their whiny, bitchy, crappy little asshole.
+ Big things are happening at work. Can't talk about them.
- Aforementioned things are probably going to result in me being even busier than I am, if that's even possible.
+ Minion #2 (my full time minion rather than #1, who is supposed to be my part time minion but due to staffing issues spends 99.999% of his time in the call center instead of learning cool shit from me) may be starting soon. That will alleviate a lot of this crazy busy shit. And if they can resolve those staffing issues I get more time with #1 too. I want him to spend his time on IT. Monitoring free space on the fileserver is crucial but not something I should be spending time doing. (not that I am, which is half the problem anyway) If you can keep track of all that crap I just said, bravo. If not, comment for clarification.
+ It appears my rental passed inspection finally. I still have somewhere to stay until I buy a place. Yay!

+ This weekend I will be mostly lounging around and enjoying life. Time off, sweet, glorious time off.
- Unnamed provider is doing crazy upgrades of their switch on Saturday morning. Maybe it won't be so glorious and so off afterall. Who knows?

* when I say Cisco, I mean the original Cisco. Not the legacy sipura stuff. I loves me some sipura.

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