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- House we liked got an offer that was accepted hours before we went to see it for the second time and decide if we wanted to write an offer ourselves.
- House we saw after that was awful.
+ Everything got scheduled such that I can leave Friday morning for NAC. Desmon will be in tow. A good time will be had by all. Those of you not attending are expected to have a good reason.
+ Cough went away. Sufficient supplies of allergy medications knocked it dead almost immediately. I guess that means it's allergy season. Woo!!!!
+ Software load went great, it's fixed every problem we've run across.
+ Anything but ethernet project could happen this year and work right. Barbed wire is involved. Again, you'd better have an excuse for not attending notacon.
+ The new ignignokt server kicks ass. It's been working solidly and performing well above expectations.
+ Becky's got an asston of cookies. All sugar free because she's diabetic and I'm hypoglycemic. Woo!

Also regarding itszer0's perl coding:

[paul] your overuse of the underscore variable makes me want to cut my eyes out with a knife
[paul] I ban underscore from all my programs
[itszer0] hehe yea
[itszer0] i dint feel like setting variables
[itszer0] :)
[paul] i am going to knife you in a dark alley someday
[itszer0] hehe
[itszer0] sweet
[paul] you'll look up and with your last breath ask: "Why!"
[paul] and I'll just say "underscore."

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