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Okay I've been incredibly busy lately, like that's anything new.

+ I have a nephew now
+ We found a house we liked. We may be putting an offer on it soon
+ I finally replaced my mangled ham radio antenna on my car, adding a Kenwood TM-D700A radio to replace my aging and deficient radio shack piece of poo. Wow is it awesome. AI8W, I saw you on APRS. Did you get my message I sent you?
+ I will be able to attend Notacon on friday, officially.
+ Our ride is shared and our hotel room split on the above. And the panel I'm running is bulging with enough experts to answer any question you could possibly want to come up with about telecommunications.

- I had to go to jackson today. I got there, and the customer held me up for 1.5 hours, then turned me away due to irrelevant contract issues. I grabbed a lunch while the higher ups worked it all out, and came back out. I should have been back by 1pm. I was back at 4:30pm. I went there straight from home at 8am. Ugh.
- I have had a cough for the last 1.75 weeks. I think I originally got it from my niece. Then it was mixed in with my allergies to create this bizarre frankenillness. I think if I remember to take all my allergy meds regularly it should go away. Today was drastically different in this regard and last night was the first time I took everything I was supposed to this season.
- I'm tired and am waiting to do a major software deployment in 20 minutes.

+ I can go in at 9:30-10 as compensation for above

- Clerical error means no direct deposit this week. Live check. Eew.

+ new nin record == good. Thank you, itunes.

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