Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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A few things worth saying yay about!

+ I replaced my Palm Z22 with a Palm T|X that was on sale at a closing compusa. Got 30% off on it. It's everything I wish my previous palm based PDAs were, and more. awesome.

+ In the last year, I've raised my net worth by $20,000. It's still negative mind you, but a lot less negative.

+ I no longer owe the IRS any money. In fact, they owe me $75 because I overpaid them. At one time, closer to 2002 or so, I owed them as much as $7,000. This has been a source of continuous drama for the better part of this decade. And it's finally fucking done.

+ Things are going quite excellently at work.

+ Things are going excellently in the 1+1=2 relationship scenario, even though 1+1=3 didn't pan out. We get to try again for 1+1=3 in a couple of months when the high risk specialist gives us the thumbs up. Until then, we shall practice diligently so we do it right. ;-)

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