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Somewhat of a weekend summary, but not. More on that later, but for now...

How I can tell ladymace is my girlfriend... :-)

Ok, so we're in the soap aisle at meijer getting me some shampoo so I can stop bumming her frilly girl shampoo stuff in the shower, and I spot this can of hairspray that is a foot and a half long. I laugh and point amazed at the discovery. Becky says, and I quote "Whoa dude, talk about a serious fucking blowtorch!"

Yep, she's all mine folks! :-)

This laptop is the shit. Mad props to Myself (that's a pseudonym, not a pronoun) for the 802.11b hookup, and the hookup for ladymace's laptop, which I'm sure she'll be posting about later :-)
I'm going to have alot of fun with this wireless card. Why get your own access point when everyone else has one? :-)

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