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I have a T1 at my house. Like a real, ESF B8ZS T1.

I have two weatherproof outdoor high power WISP access points in my livingroom. One is assembled and in service, providing service to my neighbors as of this evening. The other is sealed in box, destined for an unnamed area in Washtinaw county as a possible second site/coverage area for Timmins Wireless, Inc.

I can't find the box for my EVDO card and I need to return it in exchange for the Rev A model within the next few days or forever hold my peace. I shall prosper in finding it.

Gas is cheap and it makes me happy.

Republican house: you suck. Mark Foley, yet another "heckuva job" to another member of your party. It will bring me much pleasure to see you get stomped righteously this november.

Same goes for you, DeVos. Loser. Watching Grandholm hand your ass to you in the first debate was satisfying. Not to say I'm partcularly fond of her, but wow is the alternative awful!

Need to source Nortel PBX crap locally for resale. I'm working the vendor options with nortel, but I'm open to options. Do I know any resellers in the 340 lata who can get me some reasonably priced crap? No referrals, primaries only at the moment. I may ask for referrals later. Preference to vendors who are willing to sell on Net 30 terms.

Breakfast burritos for lunch ++

Burgers at the Telway tonight hit the spot. I needed that.

Headaches suck ass. The one I had today was so ridiculous I could barely think.

If you want to hear something funny call 248-228-3273. Yes, those tones really do say the same thing as the audio. Thanks to stormgren for pointing out the modules necessary.

Coworkers gave me drama about the work I did on their computers while they were out sick. Whatever man. I did what I had to do. By the end of the day they were no longer shooting me dirty looks so everything must be cool now. :) They'll thank me when the rest of the office moves onto the domain with exchange, instead of this piecemeal workgroup/passworded shares/pop3 mix of outlook and outlook express garbage. I may hate windows, but if you're gonna do it, at least do it right so it sucks minimally....

Payday is Friday. Cash is running short this check because of these funky two week paychecks. I'm used to being paid on the same two days of each month. Being paid every other week, regardless of when the start and end of the month is, is new to me and hard to budget for. I'm living out of savings at the moment but will easily be able to put all that money back into savings and then some when Friday comes. It's more of an irritation than anything else. Damn me for having half my bills come due on the 20th, and the rest due on the first. If those fall in the same pay check, it gets ugly.That used to work *perfectly* when I was always paid on the 15th and the last day of the month.

Sleep overcomes me.

Nobody reads this far into my posts anyway. I should talk about turkeys and goats here, or some other random crap.

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