Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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Does everyone know what time it is?

Joe Job time!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, my mailservers are under attack from a joe job again!

It's been a great day so far, between me going out to customer sites and verifying settings on channelbanks that were set and I knew they were set, to wondering why my mail stopped working all a sudden.

Sealing the deal was when one of my users got their password guessed and the lucky guesser sourced a 20 megabit a second DoS toward a machine hosted by prolexic from my box. Thank God for 95th percentile billing.

Also thank God to the fine people at the downstairs restaraunt at work for having chicken kabob combo, with fatoush and hommus as today's lunch special. Sorry for taking out your ethernet connection in the middle of the night on Sunday morning, like you noticed...

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