Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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Reloading systems,broken keyboards

I think it's time to format all my windows machines, and start anew. I'm probably going to run debian woody on the machine that is currently the domain controller. Windows 2000 server was fun, but it doesn't interest me much anymore, and I'm tired of my machines taking like 10-20 minutes to come up after a power hit.
Plus 4 years of cruft on my desktop machine is just really wasting space. Time to start anew.
Plus ladymace's keyboard is broke. I maintain that she ate too much over top of it and that's why it's fucked up, but at any rate, she may or may not be online much this evening, provided I can locate her a new keyboard somewhere in this mess I call my apartment. :-)
A new beginning for my windows machines, and a new lease on life for my windows server. :-)
Time to sleep, then time to get up and put my words into actions.

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