Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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With all due respect to my truck driving (and/or insurance company) friends:

Fuck you, random truck driver. Fuck you for buying the cheap tires, for not checking tread depth, and finally for not picking up the pieces of tire you left when they shredded themselves all to shit pretty much all over westbound 696.

Fuck you for the piece large enough to strike my gas tank and press it up into the underbody of my car, smashing the connectors off my fuel pump. Fuck you for it being in the middle of the lane.

Fuck you for the $576 after parts and labor that it is going to cost to replace my fuel pump, my fuel filter (optional, but while they were working on it might as well), and a long needed oil change. Fuck you more for that being *after* my 15% AAA discount.

Oh, and Fuck you to my insurance company (not my agent, but the company itself!) for saying that if I claimed this on my insurance, it would be an "At fault collision" because I collided with an inanimate object. I hope every last one of you motherfuckers hit a shredded tire on the freeway on your way home. See how "out of control of your vehicle" you are after that.

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