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Even more things I learned...

* Sprint's roaming partner in the UP delivers/allows sending of SMS. woo.
* GSM roaming is still more awesome than CDMA. I honestly was unaware that my blackberry was roaming until I popped the sim into my laptop card.
* Nobody takes debit cards in the UP.
* The Sault St. Marie Locks have all sorts of menacing Department of Homeland Security stuff around them, and you are subject to search even being in the observation area. (Again, only because I read the signs, not because I found this out firsthand)
* Every hotel but mine has "free wireless internet". I think it's a good thing that I'm forced to use the internet sparingly though.
* I can't spell Tahquamenon Falls.
* When state parks say "nature walk", they absolutely mean it in every sense possible.
* There are few things more important to carry in your pack than Naproxen Sodium.
Tags: awesome, family, goals, honeymoon, relationship, wedding

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