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More things I have learned this trip....

* lcp-echo-interval 0 is your friend when trying to stay connected to the internet using cell phones or GPRS modems of any sort in linux. LCP Echo is evil and will always screw up a perfectly good IP session, no idea why :)

* When you're in St. Ignace, and want to view a first run movie, don't ask the locals where the nearest first run theater is, they'll just laugh at you. Snakes on a Plane? Well, we have snakes, and we have planes.....

* Ditto with Meijer.

* It costs $9 to change your name at the Secretary of State.

* The Kewadin gold tokens only work in special slot machines, ones that won't take the casino player card, though you can continuously insert the thing forever trying, since they don't bother to label that on the machine anywhere.

* Tribes have their own police department. Fortunately, it wasn't me or mine that found this out the hard way. I just giggled as I drove past.

* Finding food after 10pm here is non-trivial.

* It is still possible to walk into a bar in the state of Michigan, and have EVERY SINGLE PERSON STOP WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND TURN TOWARD YOU. Go to Garden, MI and try this.

* Garden, MI and Garden City, MI are polar opposites (though I knew this beforehand, though not how truly different they were :) )

* Only the nickel slots are honest at Kewadin. The rest won't let you cash out just your winnings, or play a nickel at a time or whatever. (and it IS possible to make a profit playing slots if you know what you're doing)

* It is possible to get SBC to install a POTS line at a campground in a ghost town. I can't imagine how much flack you must get filing the service order, but someone managed to do it. Color me impressed.
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