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Well, one would think by now I would have found a way to post to livejournal by now. Well, I could have at any time, but I was totally otherwise occupied.

Since this is the first public post I've made about it, here's the story.

I was going to elope with ladymace (Becky). We decided to talk to our parents about it, and my parents were like "well it's about time, but you guys aren't doing this without us present." So then we were like "oh damn, we were going to do this in about a month" (it had been secretly being planned since May). So with a sudden change of plans, we agreed to a 20 guest ceremony in Grand Haven, where I grew up. After much strategic planning and hoping for good weather, at 1pm on Aug 19, 2006 we all converged on Duncan's Woods in Grand Haven, and had a wedding. The weather was looking really iffy on the forecast, but it was absolutely perfect when the day came. Everything went perfectly, better than we even planned, and my dad and stepmom threw a small reception at their place for the guests of the ceremony. Much fun was had all around.

I got a miniDV camcorder on Friday to capture all of this, and it worked perfectly. The original file of the approximately 15 minute ceremony is 2.1 gigabytes. It's 12 bit stereo with 480i digital resolution, 29.95fps, 28M/sec codec rate. Decreased to DVD quality (8M/sec codec rate) it's still 475MB. I plan on re-encoding it to DiVX a bit later. Given I have 1xRTT to upload it, you're just gonna have to wait until I can find something with more than a hundred k of upload. :)

I managed to upload one photo of it all, out of at least 60 photos. Again, when I have access to a connection that isn't slow as molasses, it's all totally on the 'net.

We're up in the upper peninnsula having a great time, we'll be back in the area on late Wednesday night.

Until then, best wishes from Paul and Becky Timmins! :)

Other things of note:

* Reserving hotels online about 5 hours before you arrive works better than one would think.
* Meteorologists don't know shit.
* Don't move firewood. In case you haven't been told about 600 times on the way up.
* Sprint has remarkable 1xRTT coverage. Even in the 906.
* Same with my T-Mobile Blackberry
* Ring size charts lie. Get yourself sized in person if you order rings online.
* When econolodge says "computer hook up" on, what it really means is "hahaha good luck finding a fucking dialup in St Ignace!" (note to self, see if my St Ignace number block has been turned up so I can throw the RAS on it - working for a phone company has its perks!)

Note to people who are unfamiliar with Livejournal, which I presume would be higher than normal since my parents have been made aware of us going to be posting here, as with the relatives - if you're not on my friends list, your comments will be moderated and unviewable until I get around to approving it. Don't get worried and try to comment more than once.

Update: Photos of the wedding and honeymoon are available here
Tags: awesome, family, goals, honeymoon, relationship, wedding

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