Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

If I sold CNAM dips at $0.05 per dip, would anyone here be interested?

No setup charge, no minimums (there is a prepay for under $5/mo in traffic, but that is a practical necessity).

You would not be permitted to use them for data mining purposes, or anything like that, just for looking up the names of numbers that are calling you. Where they called you (say, your cell phone for example) is none of my business, I don't care. I just can't resell this to people who are going to do something like look up:
and shit like that. It's gotta be real, or at least look like it.

This would be directly through Timmins Technologies, not my current employer (and I'm not reselling their database access either, this is different, but it's real CNAM). You need not be a CLEC, and my only request is that if you do less than $5/mo in volume, you prepay by that amount so I don't have to ding you for $0.27 every month or whatever.

Any takers? This is incredibly useful if you pay for caller ID number only, and are sending to an asterisk box, or are taking in calls from voicepulse, et al and want CNAM. (Or if you have a carrier trunk from a telco but don't have SS7 database access). For asterisk, I will provide an AGI script to do everything for you on request. Just call the AGI script and it takes care of everything.

The price isn't a great deal if you're a CLEC or something, I'll admit that up front. It's what I can sell it for at the moment. If I can get over 5k dips a month, the price drops.

But for affordable dips anyone can do, this is the ticket.

Fine print:

You can't cache. I won't be caching either. You don't have to look up every number you get, but you can't cache the data. Note that I won't know the difference initially, but I'll never believe that every number ever only calls you once. :)
I'm not just profeteering on that, it's customer proprietary network information and it's not legal to cache it.

If CNAM fails or the number is not found, you get city/state. I will get billed on a "Not Found", and so will you. I'm just committing to return something more useful than "Unavailable". :)

I won't bill for garbage ANI. 000000000 and similar crap will simply be returned as "Invalid" and not billed.

To insure compliance, allow for proper billing, and detect abuse, I will be logging all query attempts. I will not resell your query information, however.

Dips will be returned over HTTP, if you are interested in other interfaces, such as Broadsoft SIP or something like that, let me know, I can make it happen.

Response times will be under 5 seconds.

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