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A 4 day weekend (sorta) in pictures

Okay, so Monday wasn't really a weekend. I had to work. But anyway:

So we went out to the west side for a friend's wedding. We had a great time, and then went to see Becky's family because we hadn't been there in a while. Not her mom and stepdad, but her dad and grandma. They're awesome and fun to be around. I like em a lot. :)
Anyway, her cousin Sandra was there:

We then went to visit Becky's baby sister's grave:

Then we went to visit Adam and Renee, and among other pictures took this (I know I didn't post the other picture, I'm busy and seriously will later.):

I'm not really a cat guy and thought these pictures were adorable...

We enjoyed the 4th at stormgren and fuzzyjelly's house. It was fun. We then went home and played with fireworks and sparklers for a short time:

Time delay photography is fun.

I've been busy, but have been having the time of my life.

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