Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins


Suggested alterations to text:
Subject: Protect the Public's Freedoms – Defeat S. 193 this Week

We're so close to a tremendous victory for American rights, and you hold the keys to making it happen.

I'm asking for your leadership to ensure the swift DEFEAT of the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act (S. 193), scheduled to be considered this week.

This measure, which has already passed through the Senate on a unanimous consent resolution, would increase the maximum fines that the FCC can impose on broadcasters who violate federal broadcast decency laws. We must ensure that "indecency" is an affordable cost of doing business for the mega-conglomerate broadcasters.

To make matters better, all of the major broadcast networks have recently filed suit to assert their right to broadcast profane language at any hour of any day. Clearly, the constitution provides for this, so I wholeheartedly support this.

Americans need your help to protect our rights from the graphic and patently offensive and profane groups who would seek to censor us. For two years now, the Congress has failed to pass broadcast decency legislation. Now is the time to finally kill this legislation for good, and protect americans from the abuse of their critical free speech rights.

Please vote soon to defeat S. 193.

I like using people's tools against them. :)

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