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Random funny thoughts...

[05:40] noweb4u2: I remember marvelling at the speed of your isdn
[05:40] noweb4u2: "wow, I can upload this floppy disk in 15 minutes? damn!"
[05:41] noweb4u2: heh dreamweaver really doesn't like my site
[05:41] noweb4u2: I'm synchronizing right now
[05:41] noweb4u2: it seems to have problems dealing with 2000+ items
[05:41] noweb4u2: hehe
[05:41] noweb4u2: imagine that
[05:42] ThommyByxbe: If it grabs beckys site just delete all thats in there
[05:43] noweb4u2: it's not - it's sucking the docroot for my site
[05:43] noweb4u2: hehe
[05:43] noweb4u2: that's how many files are actually there
[05:43] noweb4u2: it's like 25 MB+

Anyway, I hope to get shit done with dreamweaver here. thombyxbe showed me some neat shit you can do with it. I need a fucking miracle to clean up the docroot of my webserver :-)

I have a feeling that I am going to have to use my sekrit ninja unix kung foo rm -rf command. I don't want to unleash such a powerful command on a server like that, but being it's a Sun running Solaris it can handle it. :-)

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