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2600 meeting was leet, Becky and I had fun. must sleep now. work christmas party tomorrow.
New trillian kicks fucking ass.


Dec. 10th, 2001 07:47 am (UTC)
Here's the question though - realistically how much resources are they willing to spend doing data forensics for someone that swapped discs with someone (i.e. not a big time warez person). My thought would be (and this is much safer for me, and less of a worry if it's a false alarm - not that they would do anything that would remotely give me a fighting chance to do this, but...) to scramble the data with a strong electromagnet. Really strong. Strong enough to make recovering data without a scanning electron microscope entirely impossible.
I have gotten alot of really good ideas from this computer forensics list I am a member of. The key is to use a cryptographic filesystem that ensures the key never gets put into swap space (or use encrypted swap as well) and then unless you know the key, you can't mount the volume, since they will unplug the machines during seizure. Then it's just a big encrypted mess, and they're basically fucked. There's really no recourse about this. I have also heard of putting a shotglass of strong acid above the drives in the case, so that when moved it falls over and destroys the drive physically, but I am looking at methods that don't cause physical destruction of the platter...