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YAY, I finally got my RACES and ARPSC cards!

Click here for a really bad picture of it
The fine print says:
Above the picture: EM-9 (rev 98) Michigan State Police
Below the picture: Not valid after December 2002 Call Sign: KC8QAY
State of Michigan
This is to certify that
Paul G Timmins
Whose name and photograph appear hereon is a member of the Civil Defense Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. State of Michigan.
-Signature of John Engler-
-Signature of Steven Jamurce (spelling?)-
Emergency Management Coordinator

Oakland County Emergency Management ID
Front here | Back here
This card has both a front and a back. It identifies me as a member of the local amateur radio public service corps. It has cooler text on the back. I'll list that...
The top edge has a physical description of me (Height, weight, eye color, hair color, and birthdate)
The text under "WARNING" says:
"This card is issued to a duly certified member of the oakland county amateur radio service corps for emergency management by the Authority of the Oakland county emergency management director. The presentation or use of this card by any other person subjects the offender to criminal prosecution (emphasis added)
If this card is lost, the finder is requested to mail it to: Oakland county emergency management, 1200 N Telegraph Rd, Dept 410, Pontiac, MI 48341

I've been waiting for these for a while. If there is a disaster where communications are disrupted, I can assist in communications between places like hospitals and dispatch, etc. Pretty neat stuff. I plan on taking skywarn training and becoming a certified stom spotter too. That'll be cool. I like to be able to help my community like this, especially after all the disasters in New York and the Pentagon. :-)

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